Game Ready Character In Blender

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This is a full 10 hour extended narrated course covering the full creation process of a game ready character in Blender. This course takes you through the entire process from sculpting through rigging, and all the way to animation and importing it into a game engine.

This is a follow up tutorial to the tutorial on our youtube channel here.


- 10+ hours of narrated tutorial. (In Real time)

- 14 Chapters (From sculpting to game engine)

Software used:

- Blender 3.4
- Unreal Engine

- Photoshop 2021

- Pureref.

About Us:

We are CRITICAL GIANTS, we are creative development studio that works in the entertainment industry, on client projects or our own projects. You can learn more about us here: 

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Game Ready Character In Blender

0 ratings
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