Narrative Concept Ar Design Class - A new online class for aspiring artists!

Hello there,

This is a big announcement, I have put together and developed a new online class for learning concept art. Specifically about telling stories and designing your ideas visually. The class stretches over 8 weeks, is in realtime, and all lectures will be recorded so students can rewatch them on their own time.

The class will involve learning idea development techniques, design philosophy, blender techniques, photoshop techniques, and especially techniques on defining the right image and composition for your idea and story.

And if you signup before August 5th you will get a 15% discount on the class.

Read more about he course right here: Narrative Concept Art Design Class

If you have any questions or trouble signing up please contact me at

So excited :D


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4 spots and 4 days left, of the Narrative Concept Art Design Class!

Last day for 15% off spot on the class for the "Narrative Concept Art Design Class"

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